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Modern homes are smarter and more tech-friendly than ever. In less than a decade, the gadgets and gizmos that were once considered luxuries have quickly become invaluable sources of convenience, energy savings, and just plain fun! However, all those boxes, wires, and speakers can end up looking like a tangled mess. That’s where DogGoneHandy comes in! They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but over the last few years, our crew of electrical handymen and carpenters have mastered the art of blending your smart home devices into your existing decor! Here are just a few of the items we’ve helped our clients seamlessly integrate into their homes:


  • Smart Thermostats: These handy devices can streamline your daily life and help you save energy and money! They’re easily auto-programmed, can be set to learn and adjust to your daily comings and goings, and allow you to monitor and change the temperature in your home from thousands of miles away. These devices can often ruin the look of a room with their large, dark bulk appearance. We’ll handle any drywall patching and painting that’s needed, plus incorporate a custom box for a seamless transition.
  • Voice-Activated Assistants: Just by saying a few words out loud in your home, you can check your bank account balance, order a car ride, play your favorite song, or dim the lights – and no, we don’t mean just asking your spouse to do those things! DogGoneHandy can build custom shelving in key areas of your home, ensuring that your voice-activated assistant has a “home” in every room!
  • Built-In Charging Drawer: Charging gadgets can quickly clutter a countertop or desk. Plus, by leaving your charging devices out, you’re running the risk of spilling food or drinks on a tablet charging in the kitchen – or accidentally knocking your phone off the nightstand. Instead, let DogGoneHandy install built-in charging drawers, with electrical outlets right inside the drawer, for discreet charging and no visible messy cables!
  • Entertainment Systems: Plush leather chairs, mini fridges, huge screens, and surround sound systems turn movie night into a special occasion. DogGoneHandy can help with home repairs and renovations to create a theater space, as well as help hide all those devices and wires that come along with a home entertainment system. Instead of unsightly cable boxes and cords, you and your guests will see a minimalist’s dream entertainment center that doesn’t distract from the movie-watching or gaming experience.


Thinking of “getting connected”? You’ll be in good company! A study conducted by market research firm Statista found that in 2017, 33% of homes will have at least one “smart” connected device – and that number is expected to top 60% by 2021. When you’re ready to make the upgrade, let our handyman electricians and repairmen make sure that your smart home devices look smart by flawlessly integrating them into your home’s décor.



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