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Playground Assembly: DogGoneHandy to the Rescue!

Installing an at-home playground is a great way to combine the safety and convenience of playing at home with the fun and physical activity of a trip to the park! With children spending more and more time in front of screens (doing everything from chasing Pokémon to binging on Netflix), it seems like it’s never been more important to ensure that outdoor play options are readily available. If you’re interested in an outdoor play area but not sure where to start, let us help! With DogGoneHandy, you’ll find local contractors who can help you with all your playground assembly needs.


Let our crew of experienced, safety-minded technicians make sure your at-home playground is built properly and securely. Especially since your children and their friends will to be jumping, climbing, swinging, and running all over a piece of playground equipment, you can sleep easy knowing that our Atlanta handyman techs have a minimum of 15 years of experience – they know how to do the job right!


Not sure what your backyard needs that will keep your family entertained for years to come? Here are a few ideas!


  • Go classic with a swingset-and-slide combo – the perfect way to ease little ones into outdoor play!
  • Encourage eager explorers with a more elaborate playground setup – featuring a rope ladder, multiple slides and swings, monkey bars, and more!
  • Teach budding adventurers outdoor skills with a climbing wall, zip line, or tree house
  • Keep cool with water features and shade! Incorporate a splash pad, fountain, or large awning to help kiddos keep cool during hot Atlanta summers.


Whichever options you choose, DogGoneHandy will make sure that your backyard is equipped for even the most energetic of children! We can even help protect your wooden playground equipment over the years to prevent wood rot, or help you add on to and expand your play area as your children get older. For grown-up “kids” (teenagers, boomerang children, or maybe even your spouse), DogGoneHandy can install adult-friendly outdoor play areas! Let us build your barbecue pit, entertaining area, tool shed, bar, or anything else you can dream up. You’ll be all set for the “dog” days of summer!


Remember, DogGoneHandy’s local handyman services include assembling playground equipment at your neighborhood park, local school, or community play area.


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