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While many home repairs seem easy to DIY, there’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes with using a trained professional. DogGoneHandy’s Atlanta handyman experts have an average of 16 years of experience! That means they have the know-how and the tools for the job, and they can adapt a plan on the spot if the unexpected occurs. They can also handle the permitting process, since it can be difficult to know which projects even require a permit. For example, did you know that window and door replacement requires a permit? You’ll also need a permit to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, put up a fence, or build a deck. Here are just a few popular projects best left to a trained handyman!


  • Hanging and Repairing Drywall: Whether your walls have nail holes, dents from rowdy children, or other damage, repairing and hanging drywall is harder than it looks. Ensuring a smooth, even finish requires precise drywall placement, meticulous attention to detail, and many coats of drywall mud and sanding. Your walls are the canvas for your entire home’s design - and your furniture, paint, and hanged photos will only look as good as the walls behind them! DogGoneHandy’s drywall repair service can even help you install options you didn’t know existed, like mold-resistant drywall!


  • Adding a Closet or Built-In Shelving: Adding a new closet to your home requires precise measurements and planning, as well as the drywall skills and knowledge mentioned above. Built-in shelving can be a great way to utilize the space between your wall’s studs, but cutting into walls is a risky move, both aesthetically and safety-wise. A DogGoneHandy’s trained pro can work as a drywall expert, electrical handyman, and all-around home repair guru!


  • Replacing Doors and Windows: As mentioned, replacing doors and windows requires a permit – and a lot of hard work! Our local handyman services can help you install a beautiful, trendy new barn door in your master suite, or handle your exterior door replacement for a more safe, secure, and weatherproof front door – and everything in between!


Your favorite home fixit show might make projects like painting, installing light fixtures, or hanging artwork look easy. However, it’s often difficult to tell how challenging a project will be until you’re in the middle of it. Plus, when something goes wrong, it can be hard to change plans on the fly without years or even decades of experience. Instead of trying to tackle it all, hire a DogGoneHandy professional. Then, sit back and relax, spend time with your family, and enjoy knowing your job will soon be done correctly, safely, and with a professional touch!


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