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Each spring, DogGone Handy hears one Atlanta homeowner request over and over again: rot repair. Wood rot forms when certain species of fungi digest parts of your home’s wood, causing it to decay. Your home’s window sills, shutters, and roof run-offs are popular spots for fungi to gather – as are outdoor wooden furniture items like picnic tables and Adirondack chairs. If left untreated, the affected wood will become so brittle, that it may disintegrate over time. In order to prevent the spread of the fungus and the total destruction of your wood, you (or your DogGone Handy repairman!) must fix the dry rot.

Lucky for you, DogGone Handy’s crew are seasoned pros when it comes to Atlanta rot repair! Our techs each have a minimum of 16 years of service, with most having closer to 20 (that’s 140 in dog years!). We’ve fixed a lot of wood rot over the years, and we’ve learned how to not only solve the existing problem, but also help ensure that it won’t happen to your home again.

While some wood rot can be traced to poor maintenance habits by homeowners, subpar building practices and even the lumber companies can also cause wood rot. It’s almost impossible to determine exactly where the rot came from – but when it comes to preventing it in the future, the best solution is to keep your wood dry. How do you keep wood dry through Atlanta’s humidity, rain, and occasional sleet? Painting and sealing your wooden beams, patios, siding, and other woods will help keep them dry. It’s also a good idea to keep your wood above horizontal masonry or concrete surfaces by about two inches.

Not sure where to start – or whether or not your wood is in good shape at all? DogGone Handy to the rescue! Our team can help identify potential problem areas, inspect your existing wood, and work to prevent future rot. Made a New Year’s resolution to finally knock some home projects off your list? We can also help with plenty of other small tasks: hanging pictures or mirrors, adding shelving, assembling furniture, and more. DogGone Handy is here to help!

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