Bathroom Fix-Up, a few tips for improved function

The bathroom can be a tricky spot to keep clean and organized. Typically a lot of things are going into this space and the small square footage can pose a challenge. Do you struggle with finding a home for curling irons, hairdryers, electric toothbrushes, large shampoo bottles, towels, shavers, or makeup? Here are a few tips we've collected that can make a big difference in your small space.

Hate the messy look of curling irons lying on the vanity or the toilet tank? Here’s a tip for you. Use hook-and-loop tape to attach 5-in. lengths of 2-in.- diameter PVC pipe to the vanity door to hold the curling irons. Do the same thing with 3-in. pieces of 1-1/2-in.-diameter pipe to hold the cords. Just measure your curling irons to see how long your “holsters” need to be. Let your curling irons cool before you stow them away.

Most toothbrush holders aren't big enough for electric toothbrushes. They end up falling out of the holder or taking up too much room on the vanity. Here's a clever storage idea: Make a holder for them using large grip-type clips. Mount the clips on your medicine chest or on a piece of wood that you can hang on the wall. The clips work great to keep your toothbrushes secure!Use the kind of large grip-type clips you normally use for brooms or garden tools, (available at hardware stores and home centers for $3.50 a pair).

When the floor of your sink cabinet needs a spruce-up, lay down squares of self-adhesive vinyl tile. They're about a buck a square at home centers and provide an easy-to-wipe clean surface.

Adding a medicine cabinet above a sink can eliminate clutter on the counter. A medicine cabinet doesn't always need to be installed as a recessed unit into the wall. This can creating messy drywall cuts and the need to repaint the wall around the cabinet. Many models are available to install as a surface mount style. The sides of the medicine cabinet are finished and can be an easy install by your favorite handyman!

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