Bathroom Style With New Tile

Do you want to refresh your kitchen or bathroom, without taking on a big renovation or bath remodel? Replacing your tile is a smart, cost-effective way to transform its look while also adding value to your home! Most homes are built with standard ceramic tiles. While durable and functional, they don’t really do your home any favors when it comes to design. Nowadays, there are so many tile options to choose from! Find the trend that you love, and let DogGoneHandy take care of the rest!


  • Glass Tile. Glass tiles are absolutely beautiful. Offered in a range of sizes and colors, they can add a big dose of personality into your bathroom. Plus, glass tiles are water-resistant and non-porous – perfect for avoiding mold and mildew in bath areas! Glass installation is trickier than regular tile installation, because cutting glass tile requires experience and precision. This makes it an extremely difficult project to DIY successfully – but it’s well within the scope of our handyman services! 
  • Wood Tile. Have you ever wished you could have the warm, cozy feel of hardwood floors in your bathroom? Wood tile is just like what it sounds like: tile that’s been designed and pressed to look like real wood. The effect is a floor that looks more spa-like than you’d find in a typical bathroom. It’s incredibly easy to keep clean, and the wood-grain pattern can even help hide stray hairs on the floor if it takes you a few days to get around to vacuuming.
  • Heated Tile System. There’s almost nothing that feels as indulgent as stepping out of the shower onto a warm, heated tile floor. Especially in chillier seasons, a heated tile floor is a little luxury that makes a big difference. Installing heated tile involves ripping up your floors, so it’s not a feature that can be incorporated without some substantial changes. However, if you’ve already decided you’d like to redo your bathroom floors, let our Atlanta handyman crew add this special touch. We’ve found that many pets love lying on a warm bathroom floor, too!


There are plenty of other tile trends out there – including the ever-popular subway tile, fish scale-shaped “mermaid tile,” vintage color schemes, penny tile, and more! No matter your style, DogGoneHandy can install the tile of your dreams and create an entirely new look in your bathroom – without a full-on bath refurbish!


Is a custom tile job even a little too much for you? DogGoneHandy can help with smaller tile-related projects, such as tile repairs, and re-grouting, and shower pan replacement.

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