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Have you heard the saying, “If these walls could talk…”? Well, your walls can talk! They tell their stories through dings and scratches, through dents and smashes. Damaged drywall is a daily reminder of that one time when the movers bumped the furniture against the wall by the stairs, or that summer when your toddler accidently crashed their bike in the house, or that one weekend when your overly energetic teen tossed a ball a little too hard against their bedroom wall. Even old nail holes from artwork and pictures can detract from the look of your home’s interior. There are many reasons why your home’s drywall might be in need of a little repair. No matter the reason, DogGoneHandy’s professional Buckhead drywall repair service can help make your walls look brand-new.


DogGoneHandy’s drywall crew can help you with any or all of these projects!


  • Repair and patch nail holes
  • Replace drywall panels
  • Smooth out textured drywall
  • Cut drywall to create built-in storage areas between wall studs
  • Hang drywall as part of an attic or basement refinish
  • Remove or conceal popcorn ceilings
  • Paint over freshly-installed drywall
  • Add crown molding or chair rail to enhance the look of existing walls


Especially if you are preparing your house for sale, sheetrock repair might be high up on your list. If you’re selling your home with damaged walls, prospective buyers might be scared away by this cosmetic issue, thinking that it’s indicative of more serious structural problems. Smooth, pristine drywall can help increase your home’s value and help impress prospective buyers and visitors alike.


While hanging or repairing drywall may seem simple, it can be one of the most tedious home repair projects. Proper drywall installation requires careful measurement, precise placement, and repetitive sanding. Drywall can also be heavy to lift and hold in place, requiring a team of at least two professionals or specialty equipment such as a drywall lift. Replacing existing drywall requires the demolition of existing drywall, which can be hazardous without knowing what wiring or plumbing is behind any given panel. Plus, a trained and licensed professional will know how to troubleshoot issues on-the-spot as they arise, secure necessary permits for the work, and ensure that your drywall is evenly hung and properly secured. Instead of tackling messy and tricky drywall home repairs, leave this project to the Buckhead drywall pros at DogGoneHandy, and consider it done!


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