Cabinet Hardware: Universal Design


With so many options out there today the ability to make your home user friendly for the entire family, and for you as you age in your home, it is becoming easier and easier to keep the universal design of your home beautiful.  One economical way to do this is with updated cabinet door and drawer hardware. 


When selecting new hardware for your kitchen cabinets be sure to keep a few things in mind.  First, make sure you are selecting hardware that feels good in your hand.  You don’t want to select a knob that is difficult to grab – or a drawer pull that is hard to get your fingers around.  Levers can be much easier to turn than knobs. Second, consider some of the new “hidden” hardware options that are available for cabinets these days.  There are soft-close mechanisms for both doors and drawers that keep them from slamming closed.  This eliminates the need to hold onto the cabinetry hardware as the doors and drawers close.  Third, if you want to update your home in a way that provides maximum usability for everyone – you may want to consider touch-latches.  This hardware choice allows you to just touch your cabinets to open or close the doors and drawers.


To increase the functionality of your cabinetry for every person in your household, call DogGoneHandy and we will help you with the updates that will keep your entire family smiling.  

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