Chalkboard Paint

Have you spotted this trend? Like all things popular there is a life cycle, beginning, middle, and end. Chalkboard paint is having its popular moment now. Some of us are saturated with this one already and some of us still can’t get enough. Wherever you may fall on this popular trend, chalkboard paint is worth looking at. So many uses, all for a quite small investment.

Not all of us are artistically inclined but don't let this stop you from thinking about chalkboard paint. Everyone can write out a grocery list or note to a loved one. Chalkboard paint has so many applications and locations for its use. Here are a few ideas.

Playroom: What freedom to encourage drawing on the walls. Chalkboard paint can also be mixed with a magnetizing element so you can have both a chalkboard for budding artists and a place to hang artwork that comes home from school.

Kitchen: This seems like the most popular location. The kitchen can be a spot where you may want to scribble down a note or a list but it’s also a place in our homes where we sometimes let our hair down. A big quote from a favorite author or maybe a family heirloom recipe can be a playful touch in this hardworking home.

Family room: With a specific area or wall mapped out, chalkboard can be a fun seasonal accent. Sports fans? What a fun spot to write out the season and mark off wins and losses for your favorite teams. Maybe basketball brackets go right on the wall? Maybe create a movie night theme, “Now Showing…turn off your cell phones and enjoy the show.”

Holidays: As holidays roll around, chalkboard walls can be a fun way to make note of the occasion without feeling the need to invest or bombard your home with kitschy décor. A quote from an old Irish blessing to mark St. Patrick’s Day? Fall leaves drawn out with the Southern standby, “It’s Fall, y’all”.

The possibilities are endless. Just a little paint and the right location and you can embrace this fun trend in your home.

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