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Urban chicken coops are not a new idea but boy, they sound like a good one!  Who wouldn’t love to live out a little country charm in their urban or suburban yard? Fresh eggs would be terrific as well as the companionship of a flock of friends. If you’re thinking about venturing into this territory, here is a link from the fine folks at Virginia Tech’s poultry science department outlining general care and requirements.


Still interested? Now you need a cool house for them. DogGoneHandy is looking to build their first coop. Here are some ideas for a fine home for your fowl.

Pampering the poultry isn’t required for their survival, but at the very least, a coop should provide protection from bad weather, protection from predators, and ample space for the birds to be comfortable.

If you’re planning a permanent structure, lay a concrete floor and start the wall with one or two concrete blocks. This prevents rodents, snakes, and predators from digging under the walls and floors. A good roof is also important, as well as some kind of insulation to guard against the heat and cold.

Install a sturdy door so you can have access to the inside, and don’t forget the windows. Chickens don’t like being cooped up in the dark. Windows provide ventilation as well as warmth when the sun is shining on a winter day.

Face the front of the coop, the windows, and the outside run to the south. This allows the sun to warm and dry the coop and soil.

With basic needs met, time for some fun with design. Want it to match your home? Styled after something different? Mid-century modern streamlined cool? Give us a call and let’s have some fun!

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