Don't Forget the Bathroom Mirror!


One of the most used components of practically every bathroom is the mirror, but so often it’s significance as a stylish accessory is overlooked.   A unique mirror can be one of the most dramatic ways to add character to any bathroom, without adding big costs.  But sometimes, with a mirror’s weight and often-clumsy dimensions, it can be a real challenge to get it mounted perfectly.  Save yourself the headache, the backache, and even (but hopefully not) the cost to replace a broken mirror by calling to schedule one of the multitalented techs at DogGoneHandy.   


Not sure where to find the perfect mirror, or what size you should look for?  No problem!  Start by measuring the available wall space while taking into consideration what the mirror will be center on – often a vanity.  Also make sure to consider the height of the typical user so that you can maximize functionality.  Now the fun part – carry those measurements around with you while you’re out & about and keep you’re your eye’s open.  The perfect mirror is sometimes found at the most unexpected location.  How about a great furniture mirror reclaimed from your favorite antiques market to add some warmth to the room?  There’s no need to limit yourself to what other people tell you is a “bathroom mirror!”  Why not use one of those weekly picture-framing coupons that come in most Sunday newspapers to create your own design – just use mirror instead of artwork! Be sure to let the framer know that you will be using the custom frame for mirror so that it will support the weight properly.  Or better yet – if you can take the mirror to the framer, the frame can be sized for a perfect fit!


Whichever direction your creativity takes you, DogGoneHandy can make sure the old mirror is carefully removed & your new CUSTOM mirror is properly hung and secured – without any subsequent aches or pains.  And if you are convinced that it’s time for a change but are having a creative block – let us know when you call DogGoneHandy.  We may be able to provide some direction that will get those creative wheels turning again!   

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