Entry Makeovers

The main entrance of your house can set the stage for your home’s presence on your street. It is the ultimate “best face forward” and a small entry renovation can be just the facelift your home may be looking for.

The entryway itself can be more than just a pretty face on your home. It can provide shelter from the , a spot to welcome guests out of the rain, a space to get the dog on the leash, grab the bags and go.  Entryway additions can be a more extensive project by become a small mini addition with three walls, a door, roof and windows. This provides your home with a truly separate space that can accommodate storage as well or perhaps a closet, bench or more mudroom facilities. When tackling something like this one must be prepared to address all of the finishes, flooring, walls, lighting, etc. Your homes existing roofline needs to be considered as well as the current material found on the exterior of the home. Do you want this mini addition to appear as it has always been a part of your home?  Can the materials compliment the current design but maybe not match exactly, creating a built over time approach?

Another option to think about is a smaller project, just increasing the function of your front door and improving curb appeal. By adding a small dormer over an existing front door and including some brackets or lighting, you can transform your space without doing much more than cosmetics. Home ReBuilders and DogGone Handy have added some of these simple fixes to many houses with big benefits to homeowners.  

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