Gas Grills

Do you love spending time in the back yard grilling for the family get-togethers?  If you’re like most backyard chefs, you spend a little more time than you’d like picking up and replacing those propane gas tanks for your grill.  But, did you know that you don’t have to? 


Most quality grills can easily be converted from propane to natural gas.  This means that if you’ve already got natural gas running to your home - maybe for your furnace, hot water heater, or kitchen stovetop – you’re already well on your way to never having to worry about those propane tanks again!  DogGoneHandy can take care of the necessary adjustments to your grill and can run the gas line so that you can just hook your grill up once!  And forget about running out of propane when the steaks are still a little too rare for your taste – that will never be a problem again.


Call DogGoneHandy now so that we can get you “hooked-up” for some serious backyard grilling this fall.  

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