Guarding the Gutter

Gutter maintenance and cleaning is critical when preventing our old foe, wood rot.  If your gutters are blocked and not draining properly, it is likely that they are holding moisture next to wood trim on your home.  There are several products available for gutter protection but the best method is to maintain a clear flow through gutters is by keeping dirt and leaf debris out.  Trees that may hang over gutters should be kept trimmed back. A ladder and a hose is usually all that is needed for a good cleaning, although pressure washing can also be an sometimes necessary. If you are thinking about adding a gutter protection product there are several to chose from with a few price points as well.  The Gutter Helmet style is effective and creates a surface tension for the water to travel over and into the protected gutter.  As a less expensive option, Leaf Guard also gets the job done.  The one gutter product we recommend staying away from is the screen style guard. Pine needles fall in a way that enables them to get lodged in the holes of the screen and become a challenging mess to clean and maintain. At DogGone Handy we are happy to help clean out gutters, install products and help on your journey of home maintenance.

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