Home Gym for 2014


Everyone wants to get in shape or stay in shape. Every January the collective voice seems to be saying, "This is the year I focus on my health." One way to do this can be to look into creating a home gym. Save on gym membership fees and invest in your home. A room loaded with expensive equipment may not be what your budget or space allows but we have some tips to creating that workout space without too much work!

Basements or little used guest rooms seem to be the first place people look when they want a space for exercise. Start with cleaning out the space and evaluating what needs to be in there. Nothing kills a motivated workout like looking at old toys or unorganized holiday decortations piled in a corner. See how clean you can make the space. The less visual distraction you have, the more focused on exercise you will be. 

One you have a blank room or reasonably designated space, there are a few renovation changes that can make the space more functional. Flooring is a good place to start. One of our favorite products when looking at concrete basement flooring is epoxy garage floor paints. These come in lots of colors and have a smooth finish that seals away that chalky, dusty, concrete floor feeling. Add a soft rug pad and a low pile area rug and you have a comfortable place for yoga or stretching and a clean place to do it in.

Many of us can't imagine walking on a treadmill or doing time on the ellipticle machine without music or our favorite tv show. Having a cbale jack or electrical outlet installed on a wall is an easy way to set up that tv. Our handymen are able to install mounting brackets to a wall to get that tv in the best position to watch the morning news as you log some miles.

Lighting can transform a space and basements benefit from improved lighting. Again, a few electrical changes can provide a big return when creating a more welcoming space. A fresh coat of paint, shelving for hand weights and hooks on the wall for towels or jump ropes and stretching bands are a few things to think about. The installation of a simple, small refrigerator, even the inexpensive dorm room style, can give you a spot to store bottles of water at easy reach.

Now all of these changes you have made can also lend themselves to a great playroom or craft space should the urge to exercise pass!

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