Home Repair - Back to School edition

Did anyone have a room made vacant by a young adult who has headed off to university? Although we always want to encourange visits home, this recent vacancy could provide the opportunity to create the home office or guest room you have been looking for.  Have you craved a craft space or man zone to watch the game, undisturbed? This could be the moment you have waited 18 years for. A few simple changes can create a room that can welcome your collegiate offspring home and still accomodate the needs you may have as well. Often a young adult heads off to college and their old room becames a large storage locker- items not cool enough to take to university but perhaps a bit too sentimental to drop at the local Goodwill. With some storage boxes or plastic bins, clearly labeled, and then housed on some garage or basement shelves, you can eliminate the storage unit feel. These boxes can be saved for a later date-archived or ready to move along when the time is right.

With your blank slate cleared and ready, paint is always a great transformer at minimal cost. Is the carpet old and stained from science projects and late night snacks? Removing the carpet, although an expense, can provide a tremendous reward. FLOR carpet tiles are a product worth looking into if you want a flexible carpet replacement. Swapping out light fixtures or ceiling fans can be a stylistic improvement as well as a functional upgrade. A sewing or craft room may need focused task lighting where a yoga studio or guest room may require soft lighting on a dimmer.  It would be recommended to keep the room gender neutral. It may not be as fun for Joe College to come home to Janet's quilting corner.  But on the other hand, your young one has made it to university-you deserve it! Give the Dogs a call if you need a hand with YOUR back to school makeover.

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