Interior Trim- A Little Work, a Large Return


Much like the addition of jewelry to a great outfit, interior trim and molding can take a plain room and make it something special.  If you have a builder-basic space and are looking to create some character, interior trim can be a valuable resource.  Whether your home's style leans classic or modern, you can customize it with gorgeous architectural details. A carpenter or handyman can easily install some additional pieces of crown molding or door casing. There are also a few tips to leave your current trim and add an aditional piece. Once all has been painted, the overall look has a much more substantial feel. The addition of wainspanelling or beadboard is a classic way to impart character into a room.  A plate rack with brackets below can be a lovely choice in a kitchen or dining room, particulary if a full blow renovation is out of the budget.

Exterior trim can also make a large impact to a home.  If you are evaluating your home's curb appeal, maybe getting ready for the holidays or possibly putting your home on the market, look at your front door. Does it have a solid feel? Sometimes simply improving the trimwork around the door, along with some fresh paint, can vastly improve the welcoming feel.  

Interior or exterior trim is classically painted in a semi gloss or gloss finish. This makes for easy cleanup of smudges or fingerprints on door or window casing.  This also provides a nice contrast to the flatter surfaces of surrounding walls.

If your home needs a spruce up, look at the trim work and give our handymen a call. For a few hours of installation you can add miles of value and character!


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