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Historical Charmers: Keeping Your Home’s Original Style

Any good Atlanta handyman can help you fix up your new home, but only a trained expert who’s been in the business for decades can help you make changes to your home while still respecting its original design. Atlanta is a city with a rich history, and many of its in-town neighborhoods feature homes with unique details, historic charm, and period features. It can be challenging to know which features of your home are original and which are add-ons, to update your home while paying homage to its roots, and to blend your exterior repair projects with your existing neighborhood. Let DogGoneHandy’s team help you tell the “tail” of your home, no matter its origins! Here are just a few of the most common historic homes we’ve helped clients fix up:


1920’s: Bungalow. Atlanta’s historic neighborhoods, including Peachtree Hills and Inman Park, are full of bungalows that pack a lot of vintage charm. However, with a home’s character often come quirks, and these homes may need a little upgrading and modernizing to be fully functional for your family. If you purchase an Atlanta bungalow, you might be thinking about a bath remodel with new, more efficient fixtures that have a nod to the past, adding craftsman-style wood beams, repairing existing crown molding, or replacing dated, grimy bathroom floors with 20’s-inspired tiles. DogGoneHandy can help you add classic touches that also offer modern sensibility.


1950’s: Mid-Century Modern. Airy windows that seem to spill into nature, open floor plans, and flat planes define these stylish homes. However, mid-century modern homes often feature materials that require upkeep or total replacement. Wood and stucco need attention over time, while older pipes and wall insulation could be hazardous and might need to be scrapped. DogGoneHandy can help seal and treat wood, preventing wood rot; replace and repair stucco, and handle potentially harmful materials with care and professionalism.  Additionally, many mid-century modern homes have flat roofs, which can leak if they’re not in tip-top shape with well-functioning gutters. DogGoneHandy can help make sure your mid-century modern will stay dry and cozy, so you can live out your “Mad Men”-inspired lifestyle in comfort and style!


1980’s: Nostalgia and Nightmares. Kooky color schemes, wood paneling, popcorn ceilings, and linoleum everything can be found in these homes. Most homeowners aren’t crazy about the idea of a home that feels a little too much like their childhood, but Atlanta’s market is filled with 80’s-era homes that have real potential. DogGoneHandy can help you modernize your home with fresh paint, new counters and cabinets, hardwood flooring, curb appeal, bathroom repairs, and more! 


With the right team of experts by your side, fixing up your home can also mean helping to preserve – and even improve upon – a little piece of Atlanta’s history that you can enjoy every day.


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