Maximizing Your Atlanta Investment Property

Over the past few years, Atlanta has become a rentals hotspot. Our city is poised to continue growing due to a booming film industry, more large businesses moving into town, a thriving Beltline, world-class chefs, and ample places to shop, eat, and be entertained. In fact, a recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution article mentioned that in 2016, more than 90,000 people moved into the metro Atlanta area – the fourth-largest population increase in the country.  


Where are all these people going to live? If you’ve been thinking about purchasing an investment property, it might be time to invest. DogGoneHandy has a few tips to help you make the most of your investment property and maximize your returns while also providing a comfortable place for someone to call home.


What to look for in an investment property.


  • Location, location, location! Make sure your investment property is in an area where people will want to live, work, play, and send their kids to school. Currently, some of the most popular rental communities in Atlanta are Inman Park, Virginia Highlands, Peachtree Hills, and Decatur. Competition for quality homes can be fierce, but there are savvy investments to be found in these areas that just need a few repairs!
  • The right price: When calculating the cost of your investment property, be sure to consider property taxes, insurance, HOA fees if applicable, and the cost of necessary repairs.
  • Good bones: be sure that your prospective property is in good shape where it counts. A home inspection can help ensure that the foundation is solid, the electrical work is installed correctly, and there are no costly surprises down the road.
  • The human factor: Think about what you love most about your current home. What would you seek out in a new home? Ask your friends and family the same questions. You might find that the answers are similar to what most renters want. Whether it’s big closets, a nice patio, easy parking, or a kitchen that’s great for entertaining, many people love the same features in a home.


Where to invest your renovation dollars:


  • Basic Home Repairs: Most renters expect some basic features in their new home: fresh, paint; clean carpets or hardwoods; a roof that doesn’t leak, and functioning appliances, fixtures, windows, locks, and cabinets. If any area of your new home is visibly in need of repair, DogGoneHandy can help fix it up – because potential renters will spot it just as quickly as you do! 
  • Upgrades (Especially in the Bathroom and Kitchen!): Many renters have come to expect features that were once luxuries. De-popcorned ceilings, stainless steel appliances, trendy subway tile showers, and other “nice-to-have” items can make or break a rental. As with most properties, bathroom repairs and kitchen renovations are the smartest ways to invest. Plus, by replacing that old toilet or installing more energy-efficient kitchen lighting, you’ll save yourself maintenance requests and money down the road. 
  • Storage Space: Adding storage space is a great way to attract renters. DogGoneHandy can help hang closet shelving, add bathroom shelves or a medicine cabinet, and even build custom kitchen storage areas.  
  • Curb Appeal: First impressions can have as lingering impact. When potential renters drive up to your house, make sure they feel immediately at home. Consider a front porch addition, deck repairs, a repainted exterior, freshly landscaped yard, exterior door replacement, or even a mailbox replacement.


With a few well-chosen projects, DogGoneHandy can help make your investment home, someone else’s dream home!


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