Are dog leashes, sports equipment, rain boots, and backpacks overtaking more than their fair share of space in your home? As many of us look to spring as a time to clean up and organize, the gear that comes with this wonderful season can pose a problem. A mudroom may be the answer for greater seasonal storage and organizational improvement in your life.  This space, no matter how large or small, can add value to your home by making it a warm invitation and improved first impression through expanded space and organization.  With a little bit of work, we can create a mudroom that can be both simple and straight forward while serving a variety of functions.

The mud room is most often a transition space from the exterior elements to the sanctuary of your home’s living spaces.  Although some mud rooms are relatively open to other living spaces, many include a secondary interior passage door.  This secondary door serves several purposes – it creates an easy way to separate the living space from dirt & grime carried in during nasty weather and it can even increase the energy efficiency of your home.  The mudroom essentially becomes an “air lock” that catches the cold air (during winter months) and hot air (during summer months) as you open and close the exterior door.  The concept of an air lock to maximize efficiency is not a new one.  In fact, every time you enter a grocery or department store you pass through an air lock which is used to dramatically cut unnecessary energy loss. 

The overall look of your mudroom can vary. If your home has a more contemporary leaning, sleek cabinetry from floor to ceiling can capitalize on the look. If a softer look is something you’re after, woodwork and trim incorporating benches, cubbies and built in hooks can provide that English country estate feel. Often the mudroom lends itself to include laundry facilities and even recycling stations. With some careful design work, this hardworking space can look great and really change the way your home functions.

If your home is missing a transition space, or if your existing mud room is simply not working for you, let DogGoneHandy help you work out a great solution.  We can create mudrooms that are purely functional, that maximize storage, that help your family stay organized, and much more.

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