Painted Plywood Floor

Doesn't sound too appealing for your living room. However, if you have an attic or storage space that you want to spruce up, this can be a great option.  The painted plywood can create a clean smooth surface that cuts down on dust and can take a forgotten storage space and turn it into a bit more with very little cost. 

To get the best result, DogGone Handy would recommend using an A-C exterior plywood, A side up. It will have few patches, no knots, is fairly smooth, and cost about $.80 per sq. ft. Primer, putty, floor paint and labor to finish will add to the final total but will still keep you well under the cost of installing carpet or other materials. If you are feeling adventurous and the space is one you may actually be using, craft room, play room, try adding a wide stripe in an altertnating color. Worth a look if you have a space in your home that needs a cost effective spruce up!

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