Rot can be "ruff"


Sure, some of us still have stray holiday decorations kicking around. But Atlanta’s recent warm weather has some of us starting to think about spring and one of the season’s common maintenance problems. Atlanta’s wet spring season, followed by its humid summer air provides an ample breeding ground for mold and wood rot.  Left untreated, rot damage can grow and become not only unsightly but dangerous and expensive to fix.

If your home is showing any signs of rot, in those commonly susceptible areas of fascia trim, thresholds, window sills, and exterior decking, the proper course of action is simple.

1. Make a list of repair areas

 2. Call DGH

It is just that easy…

Beyond removal of existing rot and proper repair, monitoring your home’s reaction to rain can go along way.  Grab an umbrella and boots during our next heavy rain and observe what is happening. Are your gutters blocked? Is rainwater collecting at the downspouts without draining away from your home or foundations? A wet field trip around your home can save money and time later with rot repair. Moisture is great for  the spring flowers…but not for the envelope of your home.

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