Small Budget, Big Impact!

Pug-Sized Budget, Great Dane-Sized Impact

Many homeowners think of home projects as an “all or nothing” game: either you redo the whole kitchen, or you make your peace with linoleum and drab cabinets. Either you spring for a whole house renovation, or you convince yourself that you’re okay with a house free of charm and playful touches. However, over the years, DogGoneHandy’s crew has handled plenty of small-budget projects with big results, and we’ve found that home repairs don’t have to be “ruff” on your wallet! Here are some of our favorite ways to customize your home on a shoestring budget:


  • Update fixtures and hardware. Getting your faucet replaced or updating your cabinet knobs and pulls can make a big difference! These affordable swaps will instantly update your bathroom or kitchen, helping to bring them into the modern era. DogGoneHandy will make sure that the new fixtures and hardware are installed correctly and look great!  
  • Re-grout and repair tiles: When was the last time you re-grouted your bathroom tile and re-caulked your tub? Bathrooms are notorious for harboring mold and mildew. If your grout or caulk have turned grey or black, it might not just be unsightly – it might be unsafe, too. Fortunately, DogGoneHandy’s local handyman services include re-grouting, tile repairs, caulking, and vent fan installation.  
  • Glam up your walls. Adding a chair railing or crown molding is a great way to class up your home on a budget. With these touches, your dining room will be instantly ready for dinner parties and soirees any time! If your taste leans a little more rustic, DogGoneHandy can install reclaimed wood plank walls or shiplap for a country feel.  
  • Hang pictures: Personalizing your home with your favorite photos and artwork is a great way to make it feel truly “yours,” especially on a limited budget that won’t allow you to fully customize your home. DogGoneHandy can hang heavy paintings, measure and properly hang a gallery wall, and ensure that everything is evenly spaced and securely in place.
  • Add curb appeal: Especially if you plan to sell your home soon, adding some curb appeal is a great way to get more bang for your buck. If your home seems unwelcoming or poorly kept at first glance, visitors and buyers might be turned off before they even set foot inside. Plus, you deserve to feel happy and comfortable at home, from the moment you pull into your driveway! Let DogGoneHandy help with pressure washing, exterior door replacement, deck repairs, mailbox and birdhouse installation, and more!


DogGoneHandy believes in honest, straightforward home repair costs, so we’re not afraid to share our rates. Our hourly rate is $80, with a two hour minimum. While larger jobs may be billed on a fixed price contract, smaller jobs are typically quoted on a time and material basis. Give us a call today to see what’s possible with your budget. You might just find that a Pug-sized project can have a Great Dane-sized impact!


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