Spring into Spring Cleaning


It's that time of year again. The Spring air seems to bring out the urge to clean and purge our homes. Basements, garages, and attics are natural collectors of "stuff" and can be a satisfying spot to unleash the need to clean.  The first order of business generally begins with taking a critical look at what you have and what you are trying to store.  Start with items you know you need to keep and try to group similar items in groups that make sense, sports equipment, lawn and garden tools, holiday decorations, etc. Anything that hasn't been used for over a year is a good thing to cast a critical eye on.  How many of us trip over things we hope to use someday but will honestly not make use of?  Most towns, cities, and neighborhoods have great recycling and donation opportunities.  A clean space and a tax write-off can be great rewards.  Once you have organized what you need to keep and what you can donate or recycle, there are some great storage solutions that can make a huge difference in how you use your space.  Epoxy garage floor paints can provide a clean canvas and prevent moisture and makes cleaning up future spills a breeze.  Proper shelving is another must-have.  Built-in wooden shelving is an option or assembled metal racks are also terrific solutions. Proper lighting in basements and garages is also a simple fix and can help you maintain your new fresh, bright space.  Give DogGone Handy a call if you need help with the hauling, painting, shelving or lighting!

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