Why You Should Know More About Your Shower Pan


Practically all homeowners are guilty of experiencing some degree of an “out of sight, out of mind” scenario in regards to home repairs and maintenance.  An older shower pan could be exactly one of these items.  DogGoneHandy is here to help you to determine the best plan of attack when you home’s shower pan goes bad.


The shower pan is one of the insulating materials used in the proper construction of all showers.  It keeps the moisture inside the shower and away from the materials that could rot as a result of excessive moisture.  A leaky shower pan can cause nasty mold problems, wood rot, and a whole list of other concerns.   If your shower pan is located on the first floor over an unfinished basement or crawl space, it can be an easy chore to look up under the floor to see if any moisture exists after a shower.  Please keep in mind that it is not alright for the shower pan to drip into unfinished space as this leads to moist floor sheathing and possibly structure mold, which will attract termites, and will eventually rot. This creates more costly shower pan replacement, and structural repairs. If you see brown spots in a sheetrock ceiling under the bathroom, this can also be the tell-tale signs of shower pan failure.


If you suspect that your home’s shower pan is causing problems and needs replacing, call DogGoneHandy ASAP.  The sooner we can diagnose the problem and correct any moisture issues, the better off you and your home will be.  

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