Meet Our People


Bill Bartlett
is Top Dog over here at DogGoneHandy. Bill is originally trained as an engineer but his love of construction and renovation led him to open Home ReBuilders, one of Atlanta’s oldest and most respected design-build firms. After so many of his renovation clients requested help with home maintenance, DogGoneHandy was launched in 2004. Bill enthusiastically brings his business skills, experience, and construction problem solving to DogGoneHandy




John Woodyard is our Service Coordinator and often the first voice you hear when calling DogGoneHandy. John takes down your handyman needs, connects you with the right sales person and can also schedule your handyman services directly. John's no stranger to the business and he knows his way around a tool box. As an avid DIY'er, he's always got a few projects at home in the works.




David LeCourt is a long time member of our DogGoneHandy team. As our Production Manager, David oversees the scheduling on jobs and coordinates placement for all of our technicians. It’s his job to ensure the right team member shows up to the job, with the correct tools and materials.



The Techs
(affectionately called the Dogs)

Our team of DogGoneHandy technicians are all carefully selected. We do a thorough screening of all our team members and we strive to provide you with professional, experienced and trustworthy people that we feel comfortable you will be happy to have in your home.

Winston  Supermodel Sam
           Winston                               Samantha

Our Mascots

Winston & Samantha are our two beloved English Springer Spaniels who inspired the naming of DogGoneHandy. The two are no longer with us but remain near and dear to us with many DogGoneHandy memories. Both dogs worked in the office many years, meeting and greeting clients and friends as they came in the door. Winston actually visited many a job site and was well known to climb up ladders, but not down them. For all our clients who are pet owners, please know we will do everything to make you feel comfortable while we are working in your home with your pets around us.

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