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Here are a few tips to maintain a clean washer. A washing machine is supposed to get clothes clean, so when it reeks of mold, you're in trouble. To fix, first check to make sure there is nothing trapped or blocking the drain holes in your machine. Then use an anti-mildew soap and a small brush, like an old toothbrush, to scrub away any mold that you can see. Set the washer on hot, run a bleach cycle through the machine and follow up with a rinse cycle to wash away any lasting residue. To maintain, wipe down the glass and drain area after every wash with a paper towel.
Not only do clogged vents slow down drying time, they're also a potential fire hazard, so they should be cleaned at least once a year. Of course, a professional can help if you're not the DIY type, but cleaning vents is surprisingly straightforward. First, disconnect the plug and vacuum out the interior of the vent (if the unit is gas-powered, make sure to shut off the gas as well). Use soapy water to wash the inside of the tube and continue this process through to the exterior access vent outside of your home. Reattach all the parts, plug in the unit and you're good to go.
Pergolas can be an attractive way to add interest to your landscape as well as add some important shade in the warmer months.  A pergola can be a free standing structure placed in the yard, maybe a reward at the end of a stroll down a garden path.  This can be a lovely spot for a few chairs under a canopy of climbing plants or flowers.  Other pergolas can be built to attach to your home, creating an architectural feature as well as shading a sun-filled room or covering an existing patio.  Pegolas are fairly easy to build, quick to assemble and not to tough on the wallet. A...
When it is time to buy a bath tub, the choices can be overwhelming.  Even for the standard 32- x 60-inch bathtub, you have several choices of materials. And the material you select determines the tub's price, durability, and cleanability.Plastic, either fiberglass or acrylic, offers the greatest design flexibility because it can be molded into many shapes. It's warm to the touch and insulates well, too, so water doesn't cool as fast as in enameled steel or cast iron tubs. Plastic is also the lightest tub, weighing in between 60 and 70 pounds. Although it doesn't chip easily, abrasive...

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