5 Ways to Prepare Your Atlanta Backyard for Fall

Is there anything better than fall in Atlanta? Some of our very favorite things happen during fall: football games (Go Jackets!), the chance to break out cozy sweaters and cute boots, trick-or-treating, watching the leaves change, and so much more. One of the best things about living in Atlanta is that even while we get to enjoy all that fall has to offer, most of the time, it’s nice enough outside that we can still make the most of our outdoor living spaces. This year, why not let DogGoneHandy tackle one of our favorite autumn projects so that you and your family can enjoy your backyard year-round?


  1. Keep cozy with an outdoor fireplace. DogGoneHandy’s team of Atlanta handymen can install a fire pit that will allow your family and friends to gather on chilly nights. Imagine sipping cocoa, roasting marshmallows, or just enjoying fun and fellowship over a roaring fire in the comfort of your backyard. Make sure the job is done right with one of our trained professionals, who can make sure that your fire pit is safe for your family to enjoy.
  2. Fire it up with a pizza oven. A fun, unexpected backyard touch like a brick pizza oven will make you the talk of the neighborhood! DogGoneHandy’s crew can set you up so you’ll be creating delicious homemade pizzas in no time. Enjoy them with your favorite seasonal beers, like Sweetwater Festive Ale or Monday Night Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt. The bonus? You’ll suddenly be the “cool parents” who can whip up homemade pizzas for your kids and their friends, and you might even get to sneak in some more family time with those independent teenagers.
  3. Help your furry friend explore the autumn outdoors. A pet door will allow your favorite four-legged friend to enjoy the cooler weather – without requiring you to open and close the door a dozen times to let them out and back in again. A pet door gives your fluffy companion the freedom to explore, play, and jump in those crunchy leaf piles at their leisure!
  4. Fix Up Your Deck. If the summer sun (and your children and pets) were a little too rough on your deck this summer, let DogGoneHandy help spruce up your deck for fall. We can re-stain or pressure wash your deck, or tackle more intensive deck repairs to make it look perfect for fall entertaining. After all, there are still enough warm days left in the season to barbecue – especially before those fall football games.
  5. Add outdoor speakers. DogGoneHandy’s electrical handyman pros can install weather-proof outdoor speakers that will add the perfect touch to your outdoor entertaining space. Suddenly, the person on grill duty can still listen to the football game without having to prop up a phone or peek inside at the TV – and those cozy fire pit evenings will be made even more enjoyable with your favorite tunes playing in the background. 

Whichever projects you choose, DogGoneHandy can help you “fall” in love with your backyard this season!

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