The Bathroom of the Future is Here!

The “smart home” and “tech-friendly home” trends have found their way into the bathroom! At DogGoneHandy, we love helping clients incorporate technology upgrades with a bath refurbish. After all, making your life a little easier, more convenient, and functional is what we’re all about! These are some of our favorite ways to help our clients make their lives easier through bathroom technology:


Warm Up: Sure, it’s hot and humid in Atlanta right now – but before we know it, the cold (to Southerners) temperatures will be back! Heated toilet seats are a special touch that offers luxury and comfort on chilly days. Some heated toilet seats even offer a variety of temperature settings, so you can personalize your experience. What’s even worse that sitting down on a cold toilet seat? Getting out of a cold shower! Heated towel drawers can transform your bathroom towel into a toasty, warm blanket of relaxation. You can also use them to warm up bathrobes, baby blankets, or quilts.  


Save Money, Save the Planet: Energy-efficient fixtures can help lower your utility bills while also helping to save the planet! Low-flow showerheads can reduce the amount of water you use during each shower – and some of them even have digital temperature settings. Looking for more savings? The U.S. Department of Energy reported that tankless hot water heaters can be 29% more energy efficient than conventional storage tank water heaters for homes that use 41 gallons or less of hot water/day– and around 11% more energy efficient for homes that use a lot more water (around 86/day). Plus, over time, tankless water heaters can last twice as long as a conventional tank, making your home maintenance program a little easier. Over time, tankless water heaters have lower operating and energy costs. These savings can offset the initial purchase price as well as the work of having a professional handyman plumber install it!   


Light it Up: Have you heard of a “sensor mirror”? This nifty mirror can sense when someone is approaching it and automatically lights up! The cordless mirror uses a light system that simulates natural daylight with an LED light that reportedly can last up to a century! Still want a little more light in your bathroom? Bathroom night lights are great, but they don’t exactly illuminate your area of target when you’re using the restroom at night! Some toilet seats come with a built-in light feature that helps make sure you (and your kiddos) have enough light to prevent morning messes. 


Keep it Clean: Whether you want to clean yourself or your bathroom, there are tech-based solutions for every home! Self-cleaning toilets are just what they sound like – toilets that scrub themselves with the touch of a button. Getting your toilet or commode replaced with a self-cleaning version is a smart idea for people who don’t love rolling their sleeves up for this chore (who does?) – or for anyone who might need to present a clean bathroom to unexpected visitors! Some toilets even incorporate design features that help prevent grime from sticking around in the first place. The finishing touch? Motion-activated toilet seats that automatically raise and lower, ensuring once and for all that the toilet seat is put down after use. If you’ve thought about whether repair a leaking toilet (or old, outdated toilet) or replace it altogether, these upgrades might be reason enough to make the switch! 


Practice Bathroom Safety: Hot water can scald little hands, especially when your children are just learning how showers and faucets work. Nowadays, you can get your faucet replaced with a version that has a safety indicator, so you and your children will always have a warning when the water coming out of the bathroom sink is hot. A blue light signifies cool water, while red light warns that the water is hot. 


Whether you choose to pursue a Jetsons-esque bathroom with all the bells and whistles – or just incorporate a few special touches here and there, our handyman services can make your fixture replacement a smooth process, from start to finish.


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