Bathroom Vanity Update


Want to update your bathroom without breaking the bank?  Need more storage for your home beauty treatments and Costco size mouthwash bottle?  Curling iron burns making your bathroom countertop look a bit more used than you’d like?  No problem – DogGoneHandy can make solving all of these problems a breeze! 


One of the most dramatic ways to update any bathroom that has seen better days is with a quick and easy bathroom facelift!  Although replacing a bathroom vanity - with the hassle of coordinating a carpenter, a plumber, and a countertop fabricator -used to be a real pain, now it can harmonize with one call to DogGoneHandy. 


DogGoneHandy’s multi-talented technicians can quickly transform your bath, and ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.  Let us take the frustration out of renovation so that you can enjoy your updated bathroom and sleep easy knowing that you have just added REAL value to your home. 


Cabinets, faucets and tile can also be coordinated thru our parent companies design service at 

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