Cleaning your dishwasher


Are your dishes not coming out of your dishwasher sparkling? Household appliances like clothes and dishwashers need some maintenance to perform to their peak. Here are a few doggone easy tips to a cleaner and more efficient machine.

White vinegar is a handy and cost effective cleaning agent. Take out the dishwasher racks, spray down the interior including the ceiling with vinegar. Don’t forget any top-mounted sprayers.

While the racks are out, give the base of the main drain a good spray. You may want to use a toothbrush to clean in between the holes in the drain.

The rubber seals around the edges of the door can get especially gunky. The silverware holders are also culprits for collecting crumbs and food bits.

With a few household supplies and some elbow grease your dishwasher can be in top condition.

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