Fall Lawn Tips


Fall is one of the loveliest seasons but it brings some serious home maintenance requirements. Here are a few of the key things to address in your yard during autumn.


If you have any type of yard space, chances are you are dealing with some leaves. To salvage your grass, fallen leaves need to be addressed. Here are some tips about leaf raking. Piling up fallen leaves can be a pain in the back. "Raking a lawn can take two or three hours, and you repeat the same action over and over again," says Dr. Gladden. Here's how to protect your body from repetitive stress while raking. 

Step 1:

 Assume the right position. Take a scissor stance, one foot forward and one behind. Use the rake to pull forward from behind or in from the side. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your back upright; avoid hunching, which strains the upper back, and bending, which taxes the lower back. 

Step 2:
Become ambidextrous. Alternate your right and left hands at the top of the rake handle every 10 minutes. 

Step 3:
Lay out a big plastic tarp and rake leaves onto it so that you can just drag them wherever they need to go. If you must bag them, use a receptacle to keep the mouth of the bag open, and tip it on its side to make filling it easier.

Fall is one of the best times for lawn fertilization. The wet weather coming will help fertilizers absorb into the ground and results will be seen in spring and summer. Lawn aeration is also a key task in the fall. This helps air, water, and fertilizer get into the soil and create a healthy lawn.

Don’t forget to winterize any sprinkler or water irrigation system you may have. Nothing is worse than frozen pipes that will then burst underground when they thaw out.

Cleaning out your gutters is another fall project that can be a mess and not much fun but can save you money in the end. A gutter that is loaded with wet leaves can prevent gutters from doing their job and then cause water build up and potential roof leaks. An overloaded gutter can also rip from the roof and pull down portions of your gutter. Worth a messy leaf clean out now!


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