Fall Maintenance: Gutter Cleaning


Gutter cleaning is one of the more important home maintenance projects on any homeowner’s to-do list, but its also one of the most overlooked.  Unfortunately, clogged gutters cause much more significant problems than just those annoying waterfalls that pour off of the eaves of your roof on rainy days.  Excess water wreaks havoc on many of the home’s structural components.  DogGoneHandy is here to help keep that water flowing smoothly and to the right places with either a one-time gutter cleaning or a full home maintenance program.


Water will always choose the path of least resistance and when the desired path is filled with twigs and leaves water will often make its way into the walls of your home.  Once inside your walls, usually hidden from view, excess water can cause the wood framing holding your home together to rot.  This also creates the perfect environment for mold to grow inside of your walls.  Ultimately water will make its way to the foundation of your home and further compromise your home’s structural integrity.


DogGoneHandy will gladly climb the tall ladders and remove the ick that could be keeping your home’s drainage system from performing.  We will also inspect your home’s flashing and downspout drainage, two important factors in maximizing the gutters performance, to make sure you are fully protected from water damage.  With the proper maintenance included in DogGoneHandy’s home maintenance program we can save you the hassle of dealing with costly and unexpected home repairs down the road.  

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