Not Your Grandmother's Shower Door


Shower doors come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations these days, and they can be easier to add to your existing bathroom than you may imagine.  DogGoneHandy has replaced many outdated sliding shower doors found in older homes with crisp new glass that improves the look and functionality of the bathroom.


If your shower door is one of those outdated track systems that always comes off its runners, or if your shower door has a glass pattern that you’d rather not see, we have a great solution for you.  We can update it with a new track system that will always stay on its runners, install a frameless glass system that will give your bathroom a clean, updated look, or we can find another solution that meets your needs perfectly. 


Call DogGoneHandy today to find out just how economical updating your bathroom can actually be.  And while you’re scheduling your new shower door install, ask about some of the other maintenance items that our techs can check off your fall “to-do” list on the same trip.

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