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Does your house need a little boost of curb appeal? Enhancing your home’s exterior doesn’t have to be a huge project. Sometimes, the smallest and most budget-friendly fixes can make a big impact! DogGoneHandy’s local handyman services can help you replace your mailbox is a great way to ensure that you feel happy and relaxed from the moment you pull into your driveway – especially when you come home after a long day of work or errands!


Upgrade for basic functionality and style. If your current mailbox is old, rusty, leaning over, has a wobbly flag, is hard to open, or is just plain unsightly, think of a new mailbox as an investment in your daily sanity (and your postal worker’s!). No one wants be greeted every day by pulling out of or into their driveway and seeing something that looks like it needs replacing. Especially if you’re on a budget, having one of our friendly Atlanta handymen replace your mailbox is a great, budget-friendly way to put your unique stamp on a home. 


Keep yourself and your mail secure. Modern mailboxes have smart features that can help keep you, your family, and your confidential information safe. For example, some mailboxes have two retrieval doors – one on the front, and one on the back. The back door allows you to get your mail without having to stand in the street – especially helpful for those with children who enjoy checking the mail or for those who live on busy streets. Locking mailboxes allow your postal delivery worker to deposit mail into your box, while preventing those with malicious intentions from taking mail out.


Go bold with an accent color. Accent doors are a fun trend on many home fixit shows, with many homeowners adding a pop of color to their front entryway. A bold red hue, a retro teal shade, or another favorite color can add character and fun to an otherwise boring feature of your home. If you already have an accent front door, consider getting a mailbox in a matching or contrasting hue. It’ll help your home look intentional and coordinated, and it will differentiate your house from the rest of the neighborhood, and it’ll show off your unique personality.


Start a conversation. Having a unique mailbox is a great way to start a conversation with neighbors, dinner guests, and the parents of your children’s friends. Nowadays, there are plenty of non-traditional mailboxes out there to choose from. Some companies will create a mailbox that looks just like a miniature version of your home. Other retailers sell mailboxes shaped like whimsical fairy cottages, barns, log cabins, or other architecturally interesting buildings. You could also delight your children by choosing a mailbox shaped like one of their favorite animals (might we recommend a dog?), or their pet! With a mailbox that stands out, you and your family are sure to get smiles and lots of compliments from passers-by.


Choosing the perfect mailbox is the fun part. After you’ve made your selection, let DogGoneHandy get to work! We’ll tackle the not-so-fun aspects of this home repair, including digging up, removing, and discarding your existing mailbox; pouring gravel; preparing the concrete to stabilize your new mailbox; setting your new mailbox perfectly; and adding your chosen house number decals. DogGoneHandy’s team of talented handymen are familiar with local codes and zoning, so they’ll be sure that your new mailbox is placed properly and within code for your local mail carrier to reach. Just like that, you’ll have added style, charm, and a little moment of happiness into each day! Who knows – you might even look forward to collecting the daily roundup of junk mail!


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