5 Things homeowners need to know!

5 Things homeowners need to know!

1. How to shut off the water to your home. Know where the shut off locations are at the street as well as in your home. Any plumbing problem will need you to act quickly to turn off the water and cut down on damage. A special tool or “key” will be needed for the cut off on the street. These are typically available at hardware store.

2. Know where your HVAC on and off switch is. Usually a white light switch near the furnace. Also important in an emergency or fire.

3. Know how to shut off your electrical system. Know where your electrical breakers are in case you need to switch your electricity off. Make a list of what each breaker activates. Stickers or labels are good.

4. Smoke alarms and detectors should be in each bedroom and hallway or gathering spaces.

5. Know the best exit from all rooms. Have an escape plan, access to collapsible ladders for second floor windows as well as a meeting place in the yard.

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