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Prepping for a Garden

 Atlanta had a lovely weekend with unusual spring like temperatures. The warm weather had us dreaming about gardens and getting into the soil again. Of course we are too early to start acting on these tips but it can’t hurt to start planning for a bumper crop in the garden.

Chicken Coops

Urban chicken coops are not a new idea but boy, they sound like a good one!  Who wouldn’t love to live out a little country charm in their urban or suburban yard? Fresh eggs would be terrific as well as the companionship of a flock of friends. If you’re thinking about venturing into this territory, here is a link from the fine folks at Virginia Tech’s poultry science department outlining general care and requirements.


Air Conditioner Maintenance

Summer time is on its way here in Atlanta and the only thing that can truly make this heat bearable is your air conditioning unit. This is one of those things most homeowners don’t give a thought to until there is a problem, and then it’s a big problem Spend a little bit of time on preventative maintenance and you may save yourself some money and heartache in the heat of the summer.


Raised Bed Gardening

If you are thinking about backyard gardening, here is a quick primer on raised beds including some planning tips and things to consider when laying out your garden.

Raised bed  gardens can reduce back strain because you won’t have to bend over as far to reach the plants. With easier access and less pain potential, you're better able to enjoy the labor involved in planting, tending, and harvesting your raised vegetable garden.

Wood Rot Repair

Wood rot seems to be a growing epidemic in homes and something we see a lot here at DogGoneHandy. Some of the rot can be traced to poor maintenance habits by homeowners, some to poor building practices by the trades and, believe it or not, some to the lumber companies.

If you want to prevent wood rot, you need to keep it dry. Wood rot is simply different fungi that are consuming the wood. The fungi need water to live. You keep wood dry by keeping it painted and sealed. It's also a great idea to keep it above horizontal masonry or concrete surfaces by at least 2 inches.


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