Bathroom Vanity Update

Want to update your bathroom without breaking the bank?  Need more storage for your home beauty treatments and Costco size mouthwash bottle?  Curling iron burns making your bathroom countertop look a bit more used than you’d like?  No problem – DogGoneHandy can make solving all of these problems a breeze! 


Medicine Cabinets

Many of the great details included in homes built during the first few decades of the twentieth century have been lost in today’s effort to cut cost out of home construction.  One of those details, the mirrored bathroom medicine cabinet, can be easily added to, or can replace an existing bathroom mirror during a single visit from one of DogGoneHandy’s skilled handymen. 


Bathroom Fan....Important?

There are few things as damaging to a home as water.  Whether vapor or liquid, water is one of mother earth’s most powerful elements and even though we often think of storms and flooding as the source of water damage, we actually invite moisture into our homes on a daily basis without even realizing it.  The importance of a high performance bathroom fan can mean the difference between regular cleaning and maintenance and major problems.  

Front and Center

One of the largest statements your home makes starts with your front door. CURB APPEAL! Peeling paint, tired hardware, and dim lighting can all make the difference between a warm "welcome home" and "welcome to the chore list". DogGoneHandy can help! An unexpected color choice can really make your front door shine. Let DogGoneHandy install these crisp house numbers and a new light fixture and you're on your way to the best entry on the block.


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