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When it is time to buy a bath tub, the choices can be overwhelming.  Even for the standard 32- x 60-inch bathtub, you have several choices of materials. And the material you select determines the tub's price, durability, and cleanability.

Not Your Grandmother's Shower Door

Shower doors come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations these days, and they can be easier to add to your existing bathroom than you may imagine.  DogGoneHandy has replaced many outdated sliding shower doors found in older homes with crisp new glass that improves the look and functionality of the bathroom.


Don't Forget the Bathroom Mirror!

One of the most used components of practically every bathroom is the mirror, but so often it’s significance as a stylish accessory is overlooked.   A unique mirror can be one of the most dramatic ways to add character to any bathroom, without adding big costs.  But sometimes, with a mirror’s weight and often-clumsy dimensions, it can be a real challenge to get it mounted perfectly.  Save yourself the headache, the backache, and even (but hopefully not) the cost to replace a broken mirror by calling to schedule one of the multitalented techs at DogGoneHandy.   


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