Bath Fan Club

Bath fans are great at taking the moisture out of a steamy bath. But if they are too noisy they may not get used enough, resulting in bigger problems.  By replacing the motor and fan in the existing housing you can cut the fan noise down by almost half.  Broan and NuTone, two of the largest manufacturers of bath fans, are now offering universal replacement kits that can be found in some big box hardware stores.

Now is the time for sidewalk repair

One of the drawing cards to homeowners looking to buy or renovate in Atlanta’s in-town neighborhoods can be the numerous sidewalks and pedestrian friendly neighborhoods.  Virginia Highland is one of those neighborhoods people love to stroll through, but if you are a homeowner in this neighborhood, sidewalk maintenance can be a headache as well as a costly endeavor.  The Virginia Highland Civic Association is working with the City of Atlanta to help homeowners take advantage of a reduced rate for maintenance.  The following is from the VHCA and outlines the process as well as the deadl

Front and Center

One of the largest statements your home makes starts with your front door. CURB APPEAL! Peeling paint, tired hardware, and dim lighting can all make the difference between a warm "welcome home" and "welcome to the chore list". DogGoneHandy can help! An unexpected color choice can really make your front door shine. Let DogGoneHandy install these crisp house numbers and a new light fixture and you're on your way to the best entry on the block.

What's cooking?

To embark on a large scale kitchen remodel is something many of us hope to do but just don't have it in the budget anymore. One of the great things about DogGoneHandy is their ability to take a small project and turn it around for a big impact.


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