Interior Trim- A Little Work, a Large Return

Much like the addition of jewelry to a great outfit, interior trim and molding can take a plain room and make it something special.  If you have a builder-basic space and are looking to create some character, interior trim can be a valuable resource.  Whether your home's style leans classic or modern, you can customize it with gorgeous architectural details. A carpenter or handyman can easily install some additional pieces of crown molding or door casing. There are also a few tips to leave your current trim and add an aditional piece.

Chickens Everywhere!

Urban chicken tending seems to be a hot topic these days.  It seems to be taking the farmer's market and farm-to-table dinners to the next level.  At DogGoneHandy, we are not experts on livestock. However, when it comes to living quarters for pets or livestock, we can help.  Do a quick internet search for chicken coop plans and you will find every possible size, variation, and style for coops. Want to match the materials to your home? It can be done.  Want to add copper trim and cedar shake? Doable.

Bath Fan Club

Bath fans are great at taking the moisture out of a steamy bath. But if they are too noisy they may not get used enough, resulting in bigger problems.  By replacing the motor and fan in the existing housing you can cut the fan noise down by almost half.  Broan and NuTone, two of the largest manufacturers of bath fans, are now offering universal replacement kits that can be found in some big box hardware stores.

How Important is Paint Primer?

As the saying goes, “it’s all in the preparation.”  At DogGoneHandy we couldn’t agree more and believe that painting is the easiest way to update a room. But we sometimes see people making the process much more difficult than it should be.  The use of primer when painting a wall or trim in your home actually reduces the time needed to achieve a quality finish and helps to ensure a proper bond to the substrate.


Bathroom Fan....Important?

There are few things as damaging to a home as water.  Whether vapor or liquid, water is one of mother earth’s most powerful elements and even though we often think of storms and flooding as the source of water damage, we actually invite moisture into our homes on a daily basis without even realizing it.  The importance of a high performance bathroom fan can mean the difference between regular cleaning and maintenance and major problems.  


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