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Kitchen Facelift

At DogGoneHandy we really do just about everything related to home repairs. Lately we’ve had several clients ask us about small renovation or kitchen or bath facelifts. We love this type of project and are happy to help!

Kitchen Countertop Update: Wood

Are you ready to update your kitchen but don’t want to break the bank at the same time?  Have your countertops seen better days?  Switching out your kitchen’s countertops doesn’t have to be part of a full kitchen renovation, but can update the look of the entire room. 


Reface or Refinish That Old Cabinetry!

Has your kitchen cabinetry seen better days, but you just can’t justify replacing perfectly good cabinet boxes?  Are you happy with the general layout of your kitchen – but you want a style update?  DogGoneHandy can help by refacing or refinishing your old cabinetry to give you that updated look that you’ve been wanting.



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