Bathroom Vanity Update

Want to update your bathroom without breaking the bank?  Need more storage for your home beauty treatments and Costco size mouthwash bottle?  Curling iron burns making your bathroom countertop look a bit more used than you’d like?  No problem – DogGoneHandy can make solving all of these problems a breeze! 


Easy Kitchen Update: Touch-less Faucet

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you’re prepping chicken, your hands slimy, and in order to wash the ick off you inevitably end up making your kitchen faucet just as nasty as your hands?  Almost defeats the purpose because unless you are spraying down the faucet handle with kitchen cleaner before you turn the water off, you end up with nasty hands again.  DogGoneHandy has a brilliant solution for you – touch-less on-off water faucets!



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