Cabinet Hardware: Universal Design

With so many options out there today the ability to make your home user friendly for the entire family, and for you as you age in your home, it is becoming easier and easier to keep the universal design of your home beautiful.  One economical way to do this is with updated cabinet door and drawer hardware. 


Easy Kitchen Update: Touch-less Faucet

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you’re prepping chicken, your hands slimy, and in order to wash the ick off you inevitably end up making your kitchen faucet just as nasty as your hands?  Almost defeats the purpose because unless you are spraying down the faucet handle with kitchen cleaner before you turn the water off, you end up with nasty hands again.  DogGoneHandy has a brilliant solution for you – touch-less on-off water faucets!


How Important is Paint Primer?

As the saying goes, “it’s all in the preparation.”  At DogGoneHandy we couldn’t agree more and believe that painting is the easiest way to update a room. But we sometimes see people making the process much more difficult than it should be.  The use of primer when painting a wall or trim in your home actually reduces the time needed to achieve a quality finish and helps to ensure a proper bond to the substrate.


Bathroom Fan....Important?

There are few things as damaging to a home as water.  Whether vapor or liquid, water is one of mother earth’s most powerful elements and even though we often think of storms and flooding as the source of water damage, we actually invite moisture into our homes on a daily basis without even realizing it.  The importance of a high performance bathroom fan can mean the difference between regular cleaning and maintenance and major problems.  

Adding a Window for Natural Light

Stairway Landings and Hallways are often dark spaces that can benefit from the addition of more light. Rather than always thinking of just lighting fixtures as the solution, adding a window can be a big win. Natural light is more person-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The simple addition of a window can be the solution from both a practical and a design point of view.


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